The Erie Area Credit Union Partnership

Want to volunteer?

Credit unions are unique, not-for-profit, cooperative financial institutions owned by their members and lead by volunteers. As a not-for-profit organization, volunteers play important roles in our success.

We are always looking for dedicated volunteers from within our membership to help serve on the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee. The primary function of each volunteer position is as follows:

Board of Directors

  • The Board of Directors role is to be accountable for the actions of the credit union
  • Ensure the long-term security and viability of the credit union by overseeing its strategies and operations
  • Make decisions in the best interest of the credit union and the entire membership
  • Be informed of the legislation under which the Credit Union exists, its Bylaws, Mission Statement, code of conduct and policies
  • Keep generally informed about the activities of the Credit Union and the community, and general trends in the business in which it operates
  • Regularly attend Board meetings, serve on committees of the Board and contribute from personal, professional and life experience to the work of the Board
  • Exercise the same degree of loyalty, care, diligence and skill that a reasonably prudent person would show in comparable circumstances
  • Work with the President/CEO and staff of the Credit Union on committees or task forces of the Board and
  • Exercise vigilance for and promptly declare any potential, apparent or real conflict of interest in any issue before the Board and as appropriate abstain or withdraw from any vote or discussion of such issue.

Supervisory Committee

This group is appointed by the Board of Directors and is responsible for the following:

  • Seeing that management's reporting objectives have been met
  • Seeing that management practices and procedures safeguard members' assets
  • Some basic duties include regular and surprise cash counts and acting as a liaison between credit union members and the board if a member should have a discrepancy on their account. Members with relevant expertise in this area are welcome to serve on this committee

Volunteers serve without monetary compensation but come with many intangible benefits. Those interested in volunteer positions are asked to send an email to the following address.

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